Frequently Asked Questions

FundExpert Freedom Plan comes at zero cost to you as through it, you can help your clients in invest in other types of assets like insurance, corporate FDs, P2P loans, etc. So, as you start getting the revenue payouts for these products, which are transferred every month to your bank account, your cost of the Freedom plan goes to Zero. Infact, you will end up making much more income making the platform a great income booster for you.
Our Unique Model is a big WIN-WIN partnership for You where we will always keep adding new services, new products, new innovations to ensure you and your users get the best technology solutions all at zero cost.
Under this model, our support team will work with you to provide customized marketing materials to help you cross-sell extra value added services to your customers and help you keep increasing your income. Since in this model, we get paid by the financial product providers for facilitating this platform and enabling their services, thereby we need not charge you additionally for adding new services. So this model is a much Superior model as compared to a pure fees based software vendor model followed by others.
Those who do not wish to participate to cross-sell any particular product offering, can of-course choose to do so and continue to just pay the subscription fees for the FundExpert Freedom Platform.
All the Data is under bank-grade Security (256 bit encrypted with SSL) with highly restricted access. The passwords are encrypted To the extent, not even we can read.
This means it can only be reset by the system.The main server is accessible by only a very limited number of people. All developments etc happen on servers that have no live data access.
Our applications manage data for Edelweiss, Stockholding, Bajaj Finserv, Kotak, etc whose security teams have only given approval after performing all necessary tests on our applications.
Please note the most important asset for us, which we have earned over the years is the Trust. Just think, how come Fundexpert today works with some of the most leading names in the Financial industry in India? It took a long time and effort to build our reputation and trust.
Today We have access to several million users data from Edelweiss, Stockholding, Bajaj Finserv, Kotak, etc. Can we even afford to think to misuse them in any way? Not a chance. And if we misused data of even one IFA, will we not lose the trust of the entire financial community? We will not even ever think of doing that.
Please note in a partnership model to succeed, the most important element is Trust. As in this model, the only way to succeed is to have a win-win relationship with all our partner IFAs. Please understand that our interests are totally aligned with yours. So, data misuse is absolutely no-no.